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'Do I really need this test?': Overdiagnosis leading to unnecessary treatments, doctors say

A coalition of Australian healthcare organisations says too many patients are being diagnosed with medical conditions that do not pose a threat to them, leading to unnecessary treatments that cause more harm than good.

Banned drinker register 2.0 passed by NT Parliament

New restrictions for people who are found to be drink drivers or problem drinkers will come into effect in the Northern Territory from September 1.

Woman set herself on fire multiple times before death, inquest hears

A woman who set herself on fire at an Alice Springs petrol station was released from the town's mental health unit twice and both times tried to self-immolate again, the Northern Territory Coroner hears.

NSW auditor-general critical of palliative care services

The NSW auditor-general makes a number of recommendations aimed at improving palliative care services in the state.

Aus Govt announces $7.7 million partnership for dengue programs

The Australian government has announced a 7.7 million dollar partnership between the Eliminate Dengue Program and Fiji, Vanuatu and Kiribati.