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Phillip Island cancer treatment centre plan aims to attract medical tourists

A proposal to build a cancer treatment centre on Phillip Island, south-east of Melbourne, could attract more than 5,000 international patients from Asia each year.

Calm urged over new study that reveals high levels of mercury in Pacific women

People in the Pacific are being urged not to overreact to a new study that's linked high rates of mercury in women with the fish they eat, with more research required.

Dispute over alleged health benefits of kava

A dispute has broken out over whether kava could be useful in treating Pacific people with mental health issues.

Thunderstorm asthma response times will improve: Victorian Government

The Victorian Government plans to develop a real-time monitoring system to track demand on emergency services and improve response times in case of another health emergency like last year's thunderstorm asthma event.

Third of kids coming into state protection have 'ice parents'

Emerging "ice corridors" across south-east and central Queensland mean 749 children found to be in need of protection in 2016 had a parent using methamphetamines.