Dr Beck Take Back Your Power Paper – A New Paradigm for Instant Healing

Dr Beck prepared this paper titled ‘Take Back Your Power’ it is well worth a read on his thoughts and findings.
Here is the link ; Take Back Your Power

An Excerpt;
A New Paradigm for Instant Healing
Informational and Educational Purposes Only. Not intended as medical Advice.
Revision May 16,1997. Copyright 1997 Robert C. Beck
Disclosed here is a revolutionary do-it-yourself, safe, natural, inexpensive proven solution to infectious diseases based on blood electrification. It requires no doctors, drugs, or other outside intervention. It costs practically nothing. Clinical tests have confirmed these four steps can “cure” HIV (AIDS), CANCER, HEPATITIS, LUPUS, EPSTEIN-BARR, GULF WAR SYNDROME, GIARDIA, CANDIDA, and even the common cold, plus most other known infectious diseases including ones for which there are no currently successful antibiotics, vaccines, or treatments. It is offered to humanity as a no-profit, information-only, empowerment for everyone who wishes to be healthy again. We have nothing for sale.
Unbelievable breakthrough in recent research.
HOW? Four separate discoveries are combined in this new “cocktail” paradigm. Together they provide confirmed sweeping magic-bullet “cures” clinically tested and demonstrated to actually eliminate most “incurable” afflictions. If you do it yourself you have nothing to buy except parts and batteries. Most have unconscious death-wishes manifested as disbelief, aversion, resistance and “defeat the unorthodox healer”. But you must take back your own power and be willing to let go of your crutches.

What are the four easy protocols?

1. Blood Electrification: Microcurrents are known to eliminate all viruses, parasites, fungi, bacteria and pathogens in blood.
Disclosed by many revolutionary patents and research over past years, these breakthroughs were lost or suppressed. The method was rediscovered by Einstein College of Medicine as an AIDS cure in 1990, then silenced.
2. Pulsed Kilogauss Magnetic Fields: Externally applied magnetic resonance of lymph, spleen, kidney & liver helps neutralize germinating, latent alien invaders and blocks re-infection. This quickens disease elimination, restores the immune system and supports detoxification. Permanent magnets, no matter how strong, will not nor can not scavenge pathogens with back-emf currents. You must have a sharp time-varying, not DC, magnetic impulse.
3. Sliver Colloids: Pennies-per-gallon self-made perfected colloids greatly assist in eliminating all known pathogens and guard against opportunistic infections. This “second immune system” is synergistic with steps 1, 2, and 4.
4. Drinking Ozonized Water: Rapid, safe, totally natural cell oxygenation without free radical damage. Universal detoxification by oxidation of wastes, dead and neutralized pathogens, (all anaerobic) reducing all to H5O + CO5 without colonics, heat, liver and kidney flushing, herbs or other modalities. A low-cost, O3 generator is fully described.

These four do-it-yourself tools are fully disclosed with detailed illustrated instructions for use. Utilized together and for two hours a day for about three weeks, they eliminate diseases. There is nothing to buy. No outside intervention, pharmaceuticals, herbs, enzymes or other treatments appear necessary. Some persons may need extra rest, liquids, trace minerals plus vitamins B and C during recovery. Malingerers justify avoidance by repeatedly demanding more “proof”. If you show 100 cures, they’ll insist on 1000, being more comfortable with peer approval than anything new.

Have these flour Proven cures been known previously? Apparently, but not in combination. Related discoveries have been reported in medical journals and patents over many years. Most were lost, ignored, disbelieved or suppressed by doctors and pharmaceutical cartels because this knowledge thwarts profiteering from people’s suffering. US patents on related inventions establish public domain by prior state-of-the-art (many are pre-1982). Such miracle “cures” have been independently rediscovered and proven effective many times. Lately all four combined therapies were tested. This proved to be a synergistic breakthrough -the magic-bullet solution to most diseases was found and confirmed by clinical studies including numerous PCR tests plus disappearance of all symptoms.

Why haven’t doctors revealed this before now? A patient cured is a medical customer lost! When actualized, these data could interrupt HMO profits; disrupt medical-pharmaceutical cartels; abort all biological warfare schemes; eliminate most drugs, medicines, debility, and early deaths; wipe out hospital and health care capital investments; minimize insurance machinations; dramatically abate sickness and suffering; plus imperil social security futures with bankruptcy; wreck sales of supplements, herbs, homeopathic and other health  “remedies”, machines, and practitioner’s incomes. These are not politically correct.
It might permit a few ethical practitioners to keep their Hippocratic oaths by giving back the patient’s sovereignty instead of serving the AMA, FDA, and drug cartels. But this would decimate their incomes.
Bob Beck