Can You Afford NOT to Have Travel Insurance?

If you’re headed overseas on that trip of a lifetime, can you really afford not to have travel insurance? Ensuring you have the right type of insurance is essential for anyone thinking of travelling anywhere – whether on a domestic Aussie vacation, or overseas.

Protect Yourself

Getting to your destination safely is only half the issue of travelling overseas. Once you step off the plane and leave the airport, chances are you’ll grab a taxi to get to your hotel at the other end. You might prefer to catch a train or bus, depending where you are.

Either way, if you were to be involved in an accident during transit, are you protected? Of course, there will be some medical facilities where you are, but can you afford to pay for them?

There’s also the issue of different illnesses you can catch while you’re in other countries. If you were to become truly sick while you’re away, can you depend on the level of medical care you’ll receive, or would you rather be flown home for treatment?

No matter what your decision might be, the cost of receiving medical care overseas can be very steep. Likewise, being flown home for emergency medical care can fetch a price tag that will make your eyes bulge.

If you have the right level to cover you on your holiday, you can have the huge expense of medical treatment, including flying you home to receive care, all taken care of under your policy.

Protect Your Possessions

Do you know how many people arrive at an international airport only to find their luggage has landed in a different country? It happens.

The vast majority of people these days tend to travel with a smart-phone and a laptop or tablet PC packed into carry-on luggage. Of course, if you’re headed overseas, you’ll also have a passport and a wallet filled with cash or traveller’s cheques and credit cards.

If you were to lose your personal possessions, or have your passport and wallet stolen, the right travel insurance policy could help you replace or reimburse these items.

Some policies will include coverage for lost, damaged, delayed or stolen baggage. Other policies may help with providing you with emergency cash if you lose your wallet, and even provide you with a temporary passport if yours is stolen.

Covering Unforeseen Incidents

Imagine you’ve already paid for your tickets on that luxury cruise you’ve always wanted. Those tickets aren’t refundable, but if you were to become sick the week before the cruise and be unable to make it, you’d be left out of pocket.

Yet, travel insurance can cover you in the event of needing to cancel your tickets due to unforeseen circumstances like these.

While the vast majority of people who travel both domestically and internationally rarely have anything go wrong, it’s always worth considering protection options. The whole point of having a travel insurance policy is to give you the peace of mind that if you ever did need to make a claim, you know your covered.

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