Will Losing Weight Make Me Happier?

Absolutely not!  Losing weight will not make you happier.  How can a person whose business it is to coach people in losing weight and creating a new mindset blueprint for sustainable success and results be saying this?  Is she trying to kill her business?  Send people elsewhere?

No, I am here to be as honest as possible and tell you the truth.  In today’s world we are so used to setting standards and rules around what will make us happy.  We have all heard: When I have more money I will be happy, when I am in a relationship I will be happy, my children make me happy, when I lose my weight I will be happy.

Happiness is not dependent on external factors, people or circumstances.  It is our natural state.  We can choose to be happy at any given moment.  It is all the rules we make for what makes us happy or sad that has this effect on us.

We do not need to be achieving goals to be happy.  Weight loss is a goal.  How about starting off with being happy first, then achieving.  Happily achieving will get you a lot further!

So losing weight will not make you happier in your life.  If you were happy to start with and lost the weight you will end up with a better quality life.  Things such as your confidence, self-esteem, energy, health, relationships with self, others, your partner and the ability to fit in to clothes that you have dreamt of always wearing will be amplified ten-fold.

Losing weight is not the solution to all of your problems.  Problems are a great thing to have.  The more you grow and learn, the better quality problems you will have to deal with.  Life comes with problems and challenges.  It’s a package deal.  Don’t wish you had less of them; hope that you grow as an individual so that you start seeing higher quality problems that will raise you to the next level.

Remember, at any point in time, at any place and with any person you can be happy should you choose it.  Check where your focus is, stand up tall, look up, breathe deeper and choose a resourceful state.  And just as an added bonus, pop your pointer finger in your mouth horizontally between your teeth.  Notice what your muscles on your face are doing.  I hope that you are smiling – this action releases serotonin in your brain that in turn makes you feel great.

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