Who Discovered Echinacea

Herbs have been used for centuries to cure ailments and to give the common man a way to feel better.  They are relatively inexpensive and some can even be grown in the kitchen planters or a backyard garden.  By having these herbs readily available to you and your family, you can give them a natural way to improve their health.Using herbs to supplement a healthy lifestyle, you can help keep disease and common ailments at bay.  One of the most common herbs that people take is Echinacea.  It is an herb that comes from a flower.  The flower itself has many great properties and when you use it, you will see a definite benefit from it.

Native Americans were the first to discover the flower known as Echinacea and they were the first to utilize for curing the common cold, bronchitis, and other ailments.  It is native to the Great Plains, where the Native Americans lived and they harvested it for many reasons.

They realized early on that it gave your body a boost to help it fight off the germs and the illness.  It may not keep the illness from getting inside your body but it can help ease the symptoms.  It can also have the illness live a shorter life once inside your body.   Basically it will help the germs go in and go back out without settling into your body or lungs.  This will help stave off an infection.

Echinacea was then rediscovered by another doctor in the 1800’s who made it popular among the non-Native American people of the time.  It was seen to help with serious illnesses such as typhoid fever and pneumonia, both of which were deadly to the people of the time.  It was brewed as a tea or eaten dried to increase the potency.

It has always been a great herb for the winter time or if you will be travelling and spending time around crowds of people.  When others are sick around you, you can pick up their germs and your body cannot fight them off if it is ill-equipped.

With an herb like Echinacea from A.Vogel, you can help your body fight off the germs and stay healthy.  Especially during the winter when germs are plenty and buildings are heated, the germs thrive and you can become susceptible to them.  Things like stress and other factors also cause your body to allow the germs to settle.  Native Americans realized early on the benefits of this flower and when mixed with other herbs and roots, you can remain healthy, the natural way.

Eileen Durward has worked in the health industry for over 20 years, including work in vegan catering and health store retailing. For the past 15 years she has worked in the Education Department at A Vogel, lecturing and playing a key role in running the Helpline.