Holidaying in Thailand: Tips for Living Healthy on Holiday

Exotic Thailand. Constantly splashed across our television screens with images of white silky beaches, enticing aromas and ancient statues, we are under Thailand’s spell even before we venture there! An idyllic holiday destination for families, singles, couples or groups, Thailand will have you spellbound. You can enjoy the tranquillity as you laze on the beach and soak up the sun or for the more adventurous, trek through the dense lush jungle and then by night enjoy the pulsating beat of the local nightclub scene.

 Indulge yourself

If you have ever wanted to have a healthy spa holiday, Thailand is the place to do it! With many spas set in beautiful tropical locations, you can take part in yoga and meditation classes and then be massaged and detoxed until you reach a state of rejuvenation like you have never felt before! Spa holidays are becoming increasing popular amongst travellers.  The treatments are usually an all-inclusive package which can be tailored to suit the individual.

 Plan Ahead

Like all Asian countries, there is some small health risks associated with travelling to Thailand. When visiting tropical countries, you must be aware that certain types of mosquitos can carry dengue fever or malaria.  Always check with your medical professional at home about the health risks related in travelling to Thailand. It is recommended that you have current immunisations for Hep A and tetanus. Thailand has very modern medical facilities, so should you need care whilst aboard, there are excellent dispensaries and hospitals available to you.  Bangkok and Phuket are especially geared to cater to the medical needs of travellers. Sydney to Phuket flights can help with travel arrangements and also give you any vital information you need to plan your trip.

 Be Prepared

Another important issue to remember is a change in diet and water will often create stomach upsets. It is vital to always wash your hands, especially before eating and make sure all canned or bottled drinks are unopened.  Always remember to stay hydrated, as the tropical climate can often affect the unwary traveller.

Stay Safe

If you are the adventurous type who wants to trek through the jungle and hike up the spectacular mountains, always make sure you do so with a fully qualified local guide. You will be astounded by the lush scenery, but also be aware that it is easy to get cuts and scrapes and perhaps get bitten by an assortment of jungle bugs.  Therefore, always wear adequate fully covered clothing and spray on insect repellent.

There are many dogs in Thailand, but they are not the pet variety that we are used to.  They won’t hurt you, but make sure you stay clear of them and don’t pat them as some dogs can carry the rabies virus.

You need not find any of this information daunting, as thousands of people from all nationalities flock to Thailand every year. Thailand really is an idyllic holiday destination filled with some of the friendliest locals on earth. They will embrace you and share their culture with you and you will be awestruck by your amazing surroundings.  It is better to be forewarned about health risks in different countries, that way you can be prepared and enjoy healthy living whilst on holiday in Thailand!