Don’t Forget Your Good Manners: 6 Personal Hygiene Rules To Follow

How many people do you know who do not seem to make an effort on anything, not even themselves? It is almost as if they stop caring about themselves. Their personal hygiene goes out the window and they do not care what anyone else thinks of them. This is one end of the spectrum; the other end is the person who does not leave home without alcohol gloves in case they touch anything and get their hands dirty.

However, some things are just good manners, whereas some things are absolutely essential if you do not want to throw your bad hygiene in other people’s face. As you get older, you may have forgotten all about those good manners your parents taught you when you were little. You do not want to let good hygiene slip away, so let us go over some of the things everyone should be doing before people start giving you funny looks.

wash 'em if you got 'em

Wash Your Hands
Once you’ve been to the toilet you can be sure someone will be disgusted with you if you walk out without washing your hands. Maybe you do not think it is such a big deal because nothing goes on your fingers. How would you feel if someone does the exact same thing then shakes your hand? Or even something more extreme like putting their hand in your mouth? Because if they prepare your food, it is essentially what they are doing.

Wipe Properly
When you go to the bathroom for number two, then you absolutely must make sure that you clean yourself properly. If you already think this is crazy, then you will not be one of those who just gives themselves a few quick wipes. If there is anything on the paper, it means you have not finished. It can get anywhere and it is only going to end up all over your undergarments because you were too lazy to finish the job.

Do not Scratch Yourself
For some strange reason, people think scratching below the belt is just part of being male. If someone is disgusted by them, they think it is funny; they might even laugh. It is no laughing matter. This is a disgusting habit that must be ended immediately. People do not want to be seen with you when you have your hands down your underpants. It gets worse because people do not even wash their hands afterwards.

Wash Carefully
There is a difference between washing yourself and going well beyond expectations. Most people will get away with washing once a day without starting to smell. In the morning is usually enough, but two is not extreme. You will need to have an extra shower anyway if you go to the gym or perform any strenuous activity. What you do not want to do is shower too much, because once the water washes the oil of your skin, it can get very dry.

Trim Your Nails
You do not really have any idea where your hands are going to end up. Once you start catching all sorts of germs under your fingernails, you may accidentally put them in your mouth. It does not sound very nice and it can be easily prevented. Just buy a pair of nail clippers and bring them out every week. It takes you about 5 minutes.


Wear Proper Footwear
You do not know what someone has on their feet. It could be a big infection, which is quite easy to spread. When you go to a public swimming pool, you should always wear a pair of flip flops when you are in the shower or walking around the pool. This is not essential, but it is better than waking up one morning with an infection on your foot.

Jason Isaac is a health blogger and blogs to keep readers informed about health problems and their solutions. He says that carrying a travel urinal on outdoor trips is a very good way to stay safe from infection.