The Unseen Factors That Take A Toll On Your Health

When you think about improving your health and fitness, often your mind will turn to gyms, diets and other ways to strengthen your body by proactively altering your lifestyle. While this can be very effective in helping you get stronger and slimmer, in reality this is only addressing one aspect of your health. There are other more subtle, and actually much easier, changes you could implement to make your body more resilient to disease and illness while giving you more energy and vitality. There are many little things in our day-to-day life that go unnoticed but have an impact on our well-being  By just becoming more aware of those factors and making a few strides to manage them, you can bring about big changes to the way you feel.

Air Quality
Whenever you breathe, you are breathing in much more than just oxygen. Although you can’t see them, the air around us is filled with tiny molecules of dirt, dust and dead skin cells, and is swarming with microscopic bacteria. Some of this is normal, and our body has defenses in place to protect us against these elements. However, other microscopic substances we breathe in are anything but normal and are instead the result of poorly ventilated rooms that circulate the same air round and round, as well as petrol smoke and cigarette smoke.

While many of these threats are unfortunately unavoidable, you can certainly take action to improve the air in your home. One of the easiest ways to do so is by using an air filter, which will sieve out many of the toxins and allergens to make the air you breathe much cleaner.

You can also improve the air quality in your home by opening the windows from time to time, and by making sure to combat any mould in your property. Mould releases harmful spores that can cause both asthma and eczema even if you haven’t suffered with either in the past. It can be reduced by maintaining the right temperature in your home, by encouraging circulation, and by using bleach cleaning products.

Drinking Water
You might think that the water you drink is clean, but actually that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only does tap water pick up a whole plethora of bacteria and a good deal of dirt on its way around the system, but it can also collect hormones and active ingredients from medications thrown down the sink, plus synthetic fertilizers and pesticides used by farmers. Some chemicals that are added by local governments are controversial too.

This is easy to fix. All you need is a water filter with activated charcoal in order to absorb a good deal of the harmful substances. This way, you can drink water in confidence.

Your health would also benefit from simply increasing the amount of water you drink during the day. It may shock you to learn that majority of people are dehydrated most of the time, which can cause headaches, lethargy, dry skin and a range of other problems. Simply having a few more glasses of water a day will likely result in your feeling much more healthy and energetic.

Sleep and Stress
Many of us are also more prone to illness than we should, simply because we aren’t getting enough sleep and are most of our time over-stressed and over-tired.

There are many ways most of us could improve the quality of sleep we get. For instance, the glow from LEDs can have a negative impact on your sleep, so if you don’t need that nightlight, turn it off. Getting heavier curtains can block out light from nearby streetlamps, and using an alarm clock designed to wake you during the lighter phases of your sleep can help you feel less groggy when you come around.

Managing stress is also incredibly important. If you want to see your health rapidly improve, then just make sure that you schedule some time on a regular basis to just sit and relax. At least once a day, spend some time relaxing in the bath, reading a good book, or just taking a short nap. You would be surprised what a difference it can make.

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