How to Choose the Right Fitness Program for Your Lifestyle

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Have you ever started a fitness program and given up on it a week later? Choosing to work out regularly is an important and likely life changing event in many people’s lives. Why not start out on the right foot and make your fitness program one that works for you and fits your lifestyle?

Choose a Fitness Routine That is FUN!
If you expect to succeed in incorporating a fitness program into your lifestyle that will stay, the most important factor is the fun factor.

  • If you like to walk or run or being outdoors is appealing to you, take advantage of this! It makes working out easy, since there is no special equipment necessary and it can be done anywhere.
  • If going to the gym is your thing, make it a priority to get a gym membership. If you’re not sure, you can get a day pass to try it out and see if you like it.
  • If you’re a stay-at-home parent, workout videos can provide a solid routine that can help you stay on track and can also be paused as necessary. The key here is in having a variety of videos to choose from that can keep your workout from becoming too dull.
  • For the adventurous type, why not try a hoop dance workout (working out with an adult size hula hoop), Zumba classes, or even taking dance classes, such as salsa or tango?
  • Sports such as tennis or disc golf can be a fun way to throw some excitement into your week and mix it up a bit. And if you love it, why not make it your main exercise program?
  • If you are starting out very out of shape or have a more weakened condition, swimming can be a low impact, gentler way to ease into a workout routine.

Schedule Workouts Realistically
Working out in the morning is a good way to kick start your metabolism and empower yourself with energy that will last all day. But if your time is limited in the morning or getting up an hour earlier is an unreasonable request for your body, then listen to your body! It may be more manageable to schedule shorter exercise increments throughout the day, such as a ten minute workout in the morning and evening and a longer walk at lunch. The key is to schedule your workout at the times you are most likely to stick to it.

Start Slow and Build Your Way Up
If you start out with a shorter workout, the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when you complete it each day will build confidence that will eventually lead to maintaining longer workouts. A surefire way to bring a new fitness program to an end quickly is by pushing yourself too hard in the beginning. This can lead to frustration, pain, and possibly injury. Start out with reachable goals, and revel in your successes as you achieve them.

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