Remedies to Ease Menstruation Cramps and Pain

Women have it a bit harder when it comes to things that their body does naturally. Aside from child birth, women also get to deal with the infamous menstrual period and all of its wondrous accompaniments each month. While some do not suffer from anything that physically limits them, many women suffer from either PMS or even PMDD. Both of these are extremely debilitating and can cause for missed days at work, school, and just a complete effect on a woman’s social life. Between the cramps, bloating, back pain, and headaches, it is no wonder why many curse their womanhood during this time.

Over time, pharmaceutical companies have developed a number of products that have likely been seen advertised both in stores and on television. Each claiming to relieve pain that is caused by menstruation, selecting the correct pill that will truly get rid of symptoms can be a strenuous task that takes a lot of time. However, time is one thing that no one that is dealing with period pain wants to deal with.

So instead of taking a pill, have you ever considered something a bit more natural? Women have been dealing with menstruation since the beginning of time, and unless they were all simply putting up with the cramps and everything else, they had to be doing something to keep living their day to day lives. Before medicines were invented for menstruation, a number of plants and oils were used to help ease the symptoms of Mother Nature’s “gift” to women.

Evening Primrose Oil

One common factor doctor’s have noted in women who suffer from PMS and PMDD is that they lack a natural, vital fatty acid. Gamma-lineolic acid (GLA) is something that medical professionals have noticed dissipates when a woman is dealing with her period. The reason is not known, but what is suggested is that two teaspoons of evening primrose oil is taken with food during menstruation, each day.

This will help to raise your GLA levels, and your body will then turn that acid into prostaglandins. These act as a sort of hormone and are able to regulate things like bloating and muscle contraction.


Though it is blue-green algae naturally, spirulina is given in a tablet form and has been proven to help some women with the aches and pains associated with menstruation. A mix of a number of different things including proteins, B vitamins, and GLA, this “miracle medicine” as it has been called is relatively new to the market.

Spirulina is developed in Hawaii, and though it doesn’t necessarily taste like pineapple, it helps to balance out your GLA levels so that your body is able to help boost its own hormone levels and help assist in diminishing bloating, fatigue, and also cramping that are associated with your period.

Healthy Foods

Establishing a wholesome diet plan is one of the best things that a woman can do for her body. Eating a variety of fruits, veggies, and other healthful foods can help to make you a healthier person in general. However, many women do not realize that it can also help to make your days dealing with menstrual pain a much easier process.

Avoiding things like caffeine and replacing them with natural juice or just a piece of fruit can help to regulate the toxins in your body. You may also find that increasing the amount of soy intake right before your period can help to ease cramps. Eating leafy greens will do the same, and will just make you a healthier person all-around.