How A Healthy Diet Can Aid In Physiotherapy

As most athletes and even exercise buffs would know, injuries are part and parcel of any strenuous activity. Although injuries are commonplace, it can bring about quite a bit of stress as injuries would entail therapy. Those suffering from injuries would often be immobilized for a period of time. At the worst scenario, surgery would […]

How Diet and Nutrition Can Affect Cancer

Cancer is a scary word for everyone who encounters it. Whether you are personally affected by it, or if you know someone who has been diagnosed, dealing with it can be an incredibly stressful and anxiety-ridden time. Still, it is important to remember that cancer is not a death sentence as it was used to […]

How to Choose the Right Fitness Program for Your Lifestyle

Have you ever started a fitness program and given up on it a week later? Choosing to work out regularly is an important and likely life changing event in many people’s lives. Why not start out on the right foot and make your fitness program one that works for you and fits your lifestyle? Choose […]

Food You Can Eat After Having Teeth Removed

Having teeth removed is something that many of us are afraid of, and in fact this fear is enough to create almost a phobia in some people of going to the dentist. This is a rather extreme reaction of course, but it is understandable when you consider just how painful it can be to have […]

How to Form and Kick Habits: Make Your Habits Work for You

When most of us hear the word habit, we usually expect the prefix ‘bad’ in there somewhere. Habits have gotten a bad rep, and are mostly associated with smoking, nail biting, or doing worse things like drinking too much or taking drugs. However, habits, like every aspect of human behaviour, have evolved because. A habit […]

Antibiotics for Healthy Animals?

The Pew Charitable Trusts shares an infographic on the alarmingly record-high number of antibiotics used in meat and poultry production. According to the article, “the same antibiotics used to treat sick people are also given to healthy animals — in much greater numbers — to make them grow faster and to compensate for overcrowded and […]

The Unseen Factors That Take A Toll On Your Health

When you think about improving your health and fitness, often your mind will turn to gyms, diets and other ways to strengthen your body by proactively altering your lifestyle. While this can be very effective in helping you get stronger and slimmer, in reality this is only addressing one aspect of your health. There are […]

Dealing with Allergies

Allergies, whether to food or to other substances that are present in our daily lives, seem to be becoming more and more common. Allergic reactions occur when our immune systems attack substances which are not truly a threat, causing a variety of symptoms which range from mild itchiness to life-threatening asphyxia. Older people may note […]

Getting Your Kids to Enjoy Fitness

If you are a parent, then caring for your children is of paramount concern. There is a lot of attention right now being given to what kids are eating and the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. Just as important as what our kids eat though is their level of physical activity. Fitness is every […]

Don’t Forget Your Good Manners: 6 Personal Hygiene Rules To Follow

How many people do you know who do not seem to make an effort on anything, not even themselves? It is almost as if they stop caring about themselves. Their personal hygiene goes out the window and they do not care what anyone else thinks of them. This is one end of the spectrum; the […]