Can Stress Sabotage Your Health?

There are a lot of theories attributed to the cause of common health problems we deal with in today’s busy world. Health freaks blame a fast-food obsessed nation.

How to Combat Leukemia Treatment Side Effects

The side effects of leukemia treatment are many, and they can often leave one feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. Common treatments for this cancer include radiation and chemotherapy, both of which can take a toll on patients. If you or a loved one is undergoing leukemia treatment, here are some tips that may help you […]

CFS clients suggested to not donate blood findings

FDA and NIH confirm ‘XMRV findings’ Original Press Release from the Netherlands Gendringen (NL) – June 22, 2010. The FDA and the NIH have independently confirmed the XMRV findings as published in Science, October last. This confirmation was issued by Dr. Harvey Alter of the NIH during a closed workshop on blood transfusion held on […]

Tapped Water what are doing with bottled water?

Here is the youtube to link to video we all should watch about bottled water;

Chronic Fatigue Cause Diagnosis Treatment

Dr Michael Serafin has written this great article on CFS see the link below. He runs a compounding pharmacy called Complementary Compounding Services, in northern NSW. “His focus is to treat the cause of the disease using an orthomolecular approach rather than just treating the symptoms which he feels is only a “band aid” approach […]

Bioelectronic Therapies

Rife machines Clark Zappers more info to come;

Dr Royal Rife Resonant Frequency Therapies

Dr Royal Raymond Rife PhD, Pathologist and Bacteriologist, helped develop better microscopes and studied disease causing micro-organisms. MOR = mortal oscillatory rate he developed a coordinated resonance method to kill bacteria. Different frequencies kill different bacteria he said. Developed a cure for cancer in 1934, but the American Medical Association were not ready for it, […]

Dr Beck Take Back Your Power Paper – A New Paradigm for Instant Healing

Dr Beck prepared this paper titled ‘Take Back Your Power’ it is well worth a read on his thoughts and findings. Here is the link ; Take Back Your Power An Excerpt; QUICK SUMMARY A New Paradigm for Instant Healing Informational and Educational Purposes Only. Not intended as medical Advice. Revision May 16,1997. Copyright 1997 […]

Blood Electrification/Purification Dr Beck and Dr Kaali

Hi i have just been watching some videos on youtube from Dr Bob Beck on cleansing the blood via electrification, see it here; 1. Blood Electrification/Purification: Electrical micro currents are known to eliminate all viruses, parasites, fungi, bacteria and pathogens in blood. The concept has been revealed in many revolutionary patents and research papers over […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome what is it?

To quote Wikipedia; Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is the most common name given to a variably debilitating disorder or disorders generally defined by persistent fatigue unrelated to exertion and not substantially relieved by rest, and accompanied by the presence of other specific symptoms for a minimum of six months. The disorder may also be referred […]