How A Healthy Diet Can Aid In Physiotherapy

As most athletes and even exercise buffs would know, injuries are part and parcel of any strenuous activity. Although injuries are commonplace, it can bring about quite a bit of stress as injuries would entail therapy. Those suffering from injuries would often be immobilized for a period of time. At the worst scenario, surgery would […]

How Diet and Nutrition Can Affect Cancer

Cancer is a scary word for everyone who encounters it. Whether you are personally affected by it, or if you know someone who has been diagnosed, dealing with it can be an incredibly stressful and anxiety-ridden time. Still, it is important to remember that cancer is not a death sentence as it was used to […]

Antibiotics for Healthy Animals?

The Pew Charitable Trusts shares an infographic on the alarmingly record-high number of antibiotics used in meat and poultry production. According to the article, “the same antibiotics used to treat sick people are also given to healthy animals — in much greater numbers — to make them grow faster and to compensate for overcrowded and […]

How to Get Children Excited About Eating Healthy

Getting children excited about healthy eating can be one of the hardest challenges for parents. Some children, no matter how hard you try, just don’t have a liking for food and turn their noses up at even the freshest fruits and vegetables. Before you start introducing different cuisines, there are some tricks to get your […]

Is drinking alkaline water really good for you?

So the stomach is acidic right? so you drink alkaline what is going to happen to it? If optimal ph range for water to consume is between 6.5 to 7.5 let have a look at some opinions; Mercola says; “So I believe it’s best to be VERY careful when it comes to something as […]

Who Discovered Echinacea

Herbs have been used for centuries to cure ailments and to give the common man a way to feel better.  They are relatively inexpensive and some can even be grown in the kitchen planters or a backyard garden.  By having these herbs readily available to you and your family, you can give them a natural […]

The Healthful Benefits of Polyphenols

If you hope to remain healthy for a long time and you want to avoid cancer and heart disease and many other ailments, you need to start thinking about what you are putting into your body. The foods you eat have a drastic effect on the condition of your body and your mood.

Multi Cuisine Healthy Eating Choices

Eating healthy is the key to staying fit. Wherever you are, you can ensure that the food you order and eat is healthy and full of nutrition. Learn more about menus and how to choose healthy food from the selection that is offered to you. Cuisine About the food of the country Healthy Things to […]

Best Alternatives to Foods with Refined Flours

When you’re eating outside your home, it’s really hard to avoid flour-based foods. Whether at restaurants or even at the homes of friends and family, breakfasts tend to be bread-based, lunches often include bread, buns or tortillas, and for dinner there’s white flour pasta, pizza, or bread rolls. And the flours that make up these […]

Eggs are they good for you?

Hell yes is what i want to say, eggs are one of the most nutrient rich foods available, they are packed with proteins, nutrients and antioxidants. Research is showing that there is no relationship between moderate egg consumption and increased cardiac risk.  A recent research paper on this topic can be found here; To […]