Exercise Shouldn’t Feel Hard– It Should Feel Good

Let’s face it. Staying in shape is hard. For the vast majority of us, consistent workout routines don’t exist. Why? Because they simply don’t have to. Joining a fitness club, buying new running shoes, or setting arbitrary weight loss or other health goals don’t make you have to exercise either. Instead of taking a rational approach to fitness, let your ancestral brain go to work for you.

200-300 minutes per week exercise get healthy

Ok been reading about how to stay in good shape and came across this idea of spending 200-300 per minutes per week exercising. Get exercising and get your heart rate up, but so that you can still speak at the same time. If you are just starting up work your way into it, if you […]

Pilates, lower the weights increase the reps

Are you a gym junkie? well then have a look at Pilates as a alternative.  How about getting fit and staying fit by working on your ‘core’, this is a great system developed by Joseph Pilates. To get a idea go to youtube and search for pilates. “I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never […]